The Super Bowl XLVI LIVE BLOG!


11:38 PM ET: And with that, it’s time to put a wrap on the inaugural live blog. Sorry for the gap in coverage, but I hope the photo gallery makes up for it. It was a pleasure bringing you the blog and we hope you enjoyed it and the broadcast. Until next February… when we’ll see you in New Orleans!

11:34 PM ET: And here’s the final call!

11:25 PM ET: As promised, here is Ahmad Bradshaw’s game-winning TD

11:21 PM ET: A photo gallery from on the field is up. Go check that out while I get you the highlight of the game-winning touchdown.

10:52 PM ET: Normal service about to resume. Just grabbing some on-the-field pics to share with you in a photo gallery. Here’s a tease.

10:11 PM ET: Congrats to Eli Manning and the Giants. Manning named MVP of Super Bowl XLVI. Manning finished 30-of-40 passing with 296 yards, 1 touchdown and no INTs.

9:53 PM ET: New York Giants are Super Bowl Champions! Final score is 21-17. More to come.

9:26 PM ET: I’m on the move again. No malfunction this time (see 3:33) – I need to be on the field to help with the postgame scrums. I’ll try to keep the blog going from down there. If I can’t, there will be another healthy gap — but know that it’s in the interest of making sure we get the best guests on the air during the post game. And I’ll get plenty of pictures. I trust you’ll find a way to follow the game elsewhere if necessary. It is the Super Bowl after all.

9:24 PM ET: And so it was. A big gainer to Danny Woodhead gives New England a first down at the 32.

9:23 PM ET: 3rd and five for New England. This is a big play.

9:19 PM ET: The Giants fans want interference on the play, but it’s an incompletion. And the Patriots will take over at the 8 after another good Weatherford punt.

9:17 PM ET: False start. Make that third and ten. Also, an injury update from our Mark Malone: Jake Ballard has a knee injury and his return is questionable.

9:16 PM ET: Before a third and five, Manning calls a timeout. That’s 2 timeouts used by the Giants this half. Will it come back to haunt the Giants?

9:14 PM ET: Eli Manning has the Giants on the move. 2nd and 5 at the Patriots 38.

9:11 PM ET: Giants TE Jake Ballard is down injured and there’s a break in the action. He walks off under his own power a short time later.

9:08 PM ET: After a Patriots offiside penalty gives them new life, the Giants convert on 3rd and short. 2nd and 8 for the Giants at their own 30 now.

9:05 PM ET: Nearly another turnover! Brandon Jacobs puts the ball on the turf but Chris Snee manages to cover up the fumble. Relief for Giants fans.

9:03 PM ET: Brady intercepted! The Patriots QB avoids the rush then heaves the ball downfield towards Rob Gronkowski. But Jason Blackburn picks it off. The play kind of looked like “The Helmet Catch” – but with the opposite result.


8:58 PM ET: Quick hitter to Deion Branch for a first down and then a run up the middle and the Patriots are looking at a 2nd and 3.

8:57 PM ET: So the Giants need a safety to tie this game. But when’s the last time you’ve seen a safety in the Super Bowl?


8:55 PM ET: Manning is sacked on 3rd down and here comes Tynes…

8:51 PM ET: And that was nearly the moment Tony Boselli was looking for. Hakeem Nicks catches a pass down the hash, makes a move or two and then puts the ball on the turf. Fullback Henry Hynoski gets the hustle award by getting downfield and covering up the fumble. Giants ball at the New England 23. And now the 12 after another completion.

8:50 PM ET: Tom Brady is apparently favoring his shoulder on the sideline. Update if we get one.

8:48 PM ET: Our NFL analyst @TonyBoselli on Twitter: “When will the 1st turnover come?” Great question. Here’s guessing it’ll be a big moment if/when we get one.

8:47 PM ET: Decent return for the Giants and they’ll take over at the New England 49 trailing 17-12.

8:46 PM ET: Justin Tuck sacks Brady on third down and out comes the punting unit.

8:44 PM ET: After Jason Pierre-Paul is injured in a big collision, the Giants fans start a chant of “J-P-P!” He’s got his helmet back on and runs off the field under his own power.


8:37 PM ET: On 3rd and 10, the Patriots defense cranks up the pressure and forces a 38-yards Lawrence Tynes field goal attempt.

8:35 PM ET: Methodical drive in response by the Giants. Down to the Patriots 25 already.

8:28 PM ET: PATRIOTS 17 – GIANTS 9. Tom Brady has now completed 16 straight passes – a Super Bowl record – and the last one to Aaron Hernandez goes for a touchdown that gives New England an 8-point lead.


8:26 PM ET: Just added the Brady to Woodhead TD. See 7:48 PM.

8:24 PM ET: Long run by BenJarvus Green-Ellis and the Patriots are down to the Giants 30.

8:23 PM ET: Second half is underway and we have an Ochocinco sighting. #85 catches a Tom Brady pass for a first down.

8:16 PM ET: But I just got a couple texts saying it was great. Such is the way of the Super Bowl Halftime Show. I also apparently missed that M.I.A. was on stage. And her one of her digits was very much I.A. Hmmmm.

8:14 PM ET: And with “Like a Prayer” and a flashlight show as a finale, Madge is done. Curious how people will review that halftime show. In the building I’m not sure people were too into it.

8:10 PM ET: And there’s Cee-Lo Green. Dressed conservatively as always.

8:07 PM ET: Ask a stupid question, get an immediate answer. There’s Nicki Minaj.

8:06 PM ET: LMFAO just popped up on stage. First guest appearance with Madonna. Will there be more?

8:00 PM ET: Another gem from the StatDoc, @drrickwiner: 1st 1 pt game @ half in SB since DEN led NYG 10-9 SB32–Giants won 39-20

7:56 PM ET: They’re setting the stage for Madonna.


7:50 PM ET: That 96-yard touchdown drive ties for the longest in Super Bowl history.

7:49 PM ET: PATRIOTS 10-GIANTS 9. Brady had all day to survey the field and after waiting… and waiting… and waiting… he hits Danny Woodhead across the middle. And I guess you would believe it now, wouldn’t you? (see 7:35 PM)


7:47 PM ET: Woodhead is stopped and it’s 3rd down.

7:45 PM ET: Swing pass to Woodhead for another first down. Woodhead catches another pass and it’s second and two at the 3-yard-line with :18 left.

7:42 PM ET: Completion to Welker. Timeout Patriots. Two remaining. First and 10 at the NYG 21. :29 left in half.

7:41 PM ET: First down New England on a pass to Aaron Hernandez. Ball now at 33 with :50 left and ticking.

7:40 PM ET: 1:05 left. 3rd and 4.

7:35 PM ET: And before they can get another snap off, we’ve reached the two-minute warning. Would you believe the Patriots are a successful two-minute drill from a halftime lead?

7:33 PM ET: After a false start pushes the Patriots farther back, Brady beats the blitz. A run for a first down is followed by a GRONK sighting and, just like that, the Patriots are nearly out to the 40.

7:29 PM ET: A holding penalty on third down kills the Giants drive, but Steve Weatherford pins the Patriots deep. Brady and company will take over at their own four. Anyone think we’ll see a second safety?

7:25 PM ET: INJURY UPDATE: Giants TE Travis Beckum has an ACL injury and will not return, reports our sideline reporter Mark Malone.

7:23 PM ET: New England falls just short on 3rd down and they’ll punt it away. Fair caught by the Giants and they’ll take over at the 23.

7:19 PM ET: The Giants come up just short and punt. It’s a touchback and New England will take over at the 20 trailing by 6 with exactly 10:00 left in the 2nd quarter.

7:18 PM ET: Incompletion, 5-yd too-many-men-in-the-huddle penalty and now a short run by Bradshaw and it’s 3rd and long. Again.

7:16 PM ET: Hakeem Nicks snares a Manning pass over the middle and it’s a big gain on third down and a first down Giants in New England territory.

7:13 PM ET: After back-to-back commercial breaks, Brandon Jacobs breaks off a big run to give the Giants a first down at their 31. Tight end Travis Beckum is injured on the next play and there’s another break in the action.

7:06 PM ET: Gostkowski’s short field goal is good and its GIANTS 9 – PATRIOTS 3.

7:05 PM ET: Brady’s pass attempt knocked away by Jason Pierre-Paul.

7:04 PM ET: 3rd and four at the 11.

7:01 PM ET: THAT’S THE END OF THE FIRST QUARTER (Giants 9 – Patriots 0)

7:00 PM ET: Sorry. Welker time. End around and it’s a Patriots first down. Aaron Ross with a big hit to stop the receiver but it’s a New England first down.

6:59 PM ET: Here come the Patriots though. Big gains by Deion Branch and Wes Welker and it’s 2nd and 6 at the Giants 26. Gronk time?

6:56 PM ET: Just added the highlights of the touchdown and safety. See below!

6:53 PM ET:  New England has run one offensive play in the first 12:36 of this game. And the Giants scored 2 points on that play.

6:52 PM ET: GIANTS 9, PATRIOTS 0. Cue the Super Salsa Dance. Manning finds Victor Cruz on a quick slant and just like that, the Giants lead by 9.


6:49 PM ET: Victor Cruz fumbles after catching a pass and New England recovers — but the Patriots are flagged for 12-men on the field. First and goal Giants.

6:46 PM ET: And after the free kick back to the Giants, they’re moving downhill. Big gain from Ahmad Bradshaw and the Giants are at the New England 33.

6:44 PM ET: That’s the 8th safety in Super Bowl history.

6:41 PM ET: GIANTS 2, PATRIOTS 0. Brady dropped back to pass, had all sorts of time at first but couldn’t find an open receiver. He waited, then saw the oncoming Justin Tuck and unloaded the ball down the middle of the field. Nobody was in the neighborhood and, after a short debate among the officials, the flag for intentional grounding came out.

6:41 PM ET: SAFETY!!!

6:39 PM ET: We’re into our first commercial break of Super Bowl XLVI. Sadly, my seat malfunction (see 3:33 PM) means I’m in the press overflow and don’t get to see any of the ads you’ll all be talking about tomorrow. Any hints on which to find on YouTube would be appreciated.

6:38 PM ET: Weatherford sticks the punt and Tom Brady and the Patriots will start on their six yard line.

6:36 PM ET: Kyle Arrington makes the game’s first big hit and it’s 3rd and long. Manning is sacked by Mark Anderson and the Giants are out of field goal range and will be forced to punt.

6:35 PM ET: A great catch by Hakeem Nicks for a gain of 18 and the Giants have 1st and 10 at the Patriots 28 – but Manning is sacked for a loss of two on first down.

6:33 PM ET: Manning to Victor Cruz for a first down and the first “CRUUUUUUUUUZ” cheer of the day.

6:31 PM ET: First passing attempt of the day is an Eli Manning completion. 3rd and 6 coming up. First third down where NE defense needs to get off the field.


6:29 PM ET: Flashbulbs are popping everywhere.


6:25 PM ET: You might think I had a 50-50 chance at getting that right. I’ve yet to do the calculations.

6:24 PM ET: New York calls tails. And it’s HEADS! The Patriots defer to the second half. The Giants will start on offense.

6:22 PM ET: The coin toss is coming up in just seconds. I’m going with heads.

6:21 PM ET: Boomer Esiason’s keys in shorthand. Patriots: protect Tom Brady on offense, get off the field on third down on defense. Giants: dominate the game on the defensive line, keep doing what they’ve been doing on offense.

6:18 PM ET: Amazing job by Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert on the former and Kelly Clarkson on the latter. Biggest cheers came when they showed American soldiers serving abroad on the big screen. Classy.

6:14 PM ET: It’s time for “America the Beautiful” and  the national anthem.

6:13 PM ET: Sure seemed like a lot more boos for the Patriots than the Giants. Safe to say the “neutrals” in Indianapolis are pulling for a Manning (Eli) and against the rival of a Manning (Peyton).

6:12 PM ET: Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald just picked the Giants to win on our broadcast. Only a few minutes now to kickoff.

6:02 PM ET: Jim Gray is talking with Tom Brady. Get the extended version of the interview here.


5:57 PM ET: THE BAND IS ON THE FIELD! In this case, it’s the Indiana band and it was pre-scheduled. Phew.

5:53 PM ET: Eli on the “elite quarterback” question: “I just thought I gave an honest answer. I was feeling good about the season and confident that we could have a great year.”

5:48 PM ET: Have you heard that the weather’s been beautiful in Indianapolis? It has.

5:42 PM ET: I feel like I owe you some photos. Here are the Giants and Patriots getting limbered up.

5:41 PM ET: Tom Coughlin on slowing down Tom Brady: “Tom Brady’s a great quarterback. We gotta be on our game.”

5:33 PM ET: Boomer’s interviewing Tom Coughlin and Bill Belichick. Belichick says he’s not focusing on his legacy. Just this game. What new.


5:27 PM ET: James Lofton interviewed Vince Wilfork of the Patriots. Hear it here.

5:21 PM ET: It’s 68 minutes to kickoff and the players are in uniform and warming up on the field. The crowd is filing in and it kind of feels like a regular NFL game all of a sudden. (Just kidding.)

5:13 PM ET: Stephen Gostkowski is banging them in from 48 yards in warmups. His ankle looks fine. Wait, you said Gronkowski? That’s the ankle the world wanted to know about? My fault.

5:11 PM ET: @Bluejayrock on Twitter: “I say it every year, and it’s still true: Airing the @DialGlobalSportbroadcast of the Super Bowl on @1460kxno is the top of my year” — Same goes for all of us!

5:05 PM ET: Boomer: “I can only hope this Super Bowl lives up to all the hype.”

5:00 PM ET: Our broadcast of Super Bowl XLVI is officially underway with a message from Commissioner Goodell.


4:55 PM ET: An updated view from the booth. Fans are starting to filter in. It’s going to be rocking in here.

4:53 PM ET: Here’s another from the Doc: NE & NYG were scoreless at halftime in the regular season game – a scoreless tie has never been the score at halftime in a Super Bowl.

4:49 PM ET: I promised you numbers from the Stat Doctor, @drrickwiner, and here goes: Average margin of victory in last 8 Super Bowls is 7 pts — Biggest 14 (NO 31, IND 17), Smallest 3 (3 times)

4:45 PM ET: QB Ryan Mallett, RB Kevin Faulk, RB Shane Vereen, LB Gary Guyton, OG Donald Thomas, C Nick McDonald and DL Ron Brace inactive for Patriots. Rob Gronkowski, Chad Ochocinco and Alex Silvestro (signed from practice squad last night) all active.

4:44 PM ET: Ramses Barden, Mark Herzlich, Da’Rel Scott, James Brewer, Jimmy Kennedy, Justin Trattou and Jim Cordle inactive for Giants.

4:32 PM ET: Jared from Subway just awarded the Subway Super Sub of the Season to Victor Cruz of the Giants. Victor spoke with our Mark Malone earlier in the week and you can hear that here.

4:30 PM ET: A friendly reminder: we’re on 682 stations in the U.S. and 170-plus countries around the world on the American Forces Radio Network. Oh, and more than 220 ships at sea. Find a station near you, on NFL Audio Pass on, NFL Mobile on Verizon or on SiriusXM Satellite Radio (XM 88 / Internet 88).


4:16 PM ET: Look away Patriots fans: Scott Graham is flashing back to Super Bowl XLII. (Listen below)

4:13 PM ET: James Lofton on the sideline: “Rob Gronkowski hasn’t come out to warm up, but all signs point to the big tight end suiting up today.” Inactives will be announced in about 20 minutes.

4:10 PM ET: @todayshow on Twitter: “More than a billion chicken wings, 1.3 billion bottles of beer, & 11 million lbs of potato chips.” -Food that will be consumed today.” And I thought my sandwich was filling!

4:07 PM ET: Boomer on Super Sunday: “The veterans are telling the younger guys: ‘Calm down, it’s just a game. Play your game.'”

4:03 PM ET: Wanted to make sure everyone met today’s MVD, Iron. Security was super-tight getting in today, but also super-organized. Thanks to everyone who works hard to make the Super Bowl such a great event. Dogs included.

4:00 PM ET: Super Sunday is on the air. Darius Rucker recorded a special version of his latest single for the show open. Thanks Darius!

3:56 PM ET: Boomer just made his Super Bowl XLVI prediction: Patriots 30 – Giants 27. Listen to why here.

3:52 PM ET: Wes Welker tells Scott Graham every yard is going to be a struggle. Listen to the whole interview here.

3:50 PM ET: Players from both teams are out and loosening up.

3:39 PM ET: 2 hours 50 minutes until kickoff of Super Bowl XLVI! (I missed the three-hour warning in the seating switch!)

3:33 PM ET: Sorry for the gap! I had a seating malfunction. But I’ve moved to a new location and found this at my seat. And they say blogging is hard work!

3:09 PM ET: Players haven’t really started warming up on the field yet, but with just three hours and twenty minutes until kick, we should start seeing some movement on the field soon.

3:04 PM ET: The “open the roof” movement is gaining momentum. Sports Illustrated’s Peter King on Twitter: “It’s 49 degrees in downtown Indy, no wind, not a cloud in the sky. Glorious day. Open the roof.”

2:54 PM ET: Super Bowl Preview with Scott Graham and Boomer Esiason begins in 6 minutes. Find a station near you. There’s bound to be one: we’re on 682 stations in the U.S. alone and more than 170 countries and 220 ships at sea on the American Forces Radio Network.

2:48 PM ET: The Westwood One/Westwood One crew is ready to go.


2:28 PM ET: UPDATE! Boomer wasn’t exactly focused on football. Here he is on Twitter: “The #NYR are with me at the Home of SB 46 Lucas Oil Stadium. #can‘tmissagame!”

2:23 PM ET: Things getting a bit busier around the press box here at Lucas Oil Stadium. Our whole crew has assembled. Here’s Kevin Harlan and Boomer Esiason getting prepped:

1:59 PM ET: Boomer Esiason is on to something with this tweet.

1:56 PM ET: James Lofton will be on the Patriots sideline today for us and if Tom Brady overthrows one, he’s ready.

1:47 PM ET: The amount of coordination involved in the Super Bowl is mighty impressive. These are two of a crew that makes sure all the different wireless equipment doesn’t interfere with each other. Although they could just be getting in a quick round of golf thanks to the beautiful weather.

1:37 PM ET: From @tberghuys on Twitter: “today seems better than xmas…” Couldn’t agree more! Get in the conversation by tweeting us: @dialglobalsport!

1:34 PM ET: Throughout the day, we’ll be bringing you updates from our historical stat guru, @drrickwiner. Here’s the first: “Neither team has trailed by more than 7 pts in playoffs.”

1:30 PM ET: The crew is starting to assemble. Scott Graham, Mark Malone and Kevin Harlan just entered the booth.

1:18 PM ET: Last-minute technical solutions provided by the best engineers in the business.

1:13 PM ET: Hoping for a good first live blog experience today, but at least I can rest easy knowing it’ll be hard to do worse than this.

1:10 PM ET: Our coverage begins at 3 with Super Bowl Preview, then we go live from Lucas Oil Stadium at 4. Here’s a complete rundown of what’s coming your way.

1:03 PM ET: Here’s the view from our booth. I like to think of this as the calm before the storm, but it’s anything but calm. For more photos from today click here.

1:00 PM ET: Welcome to the inaugural Super Bowl live blog. It’s the 25th straight Super Bowl we’ve broadcast along the Westwood One/Westwood One Radio Network, but the first time we’re supplementing our radio coverage with a live blog. I’m producer/blogger Aaron Cummins and I’ll try to keep you up-to-date on everything going on in Indy, as well as give you a behind-the-scenes eye on the action. We encourage you to tweet us @DialGlobalSport, comment below using your Facebook account and listen along on a station near you, on NFL Audio Pass on, NFL Mobile on Verizon or on SiriusXM Satellite Radio (XM 88 / Internet 88).

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