Super Bowl XLVII Live Blog!


10:45 PM CT: That was fun. Working on the highlights, a photo gallery and much more. Will be up soon. Leave the lights on for me, won’t you?

9:15 PM CT: Going to accompany Boomer down to the sideline here in a minute. We’ll remember the Harbowl no matter how this shakes out. Great game. Highlights, postgame field photos and much more to come once it’s all in the books. Enjoy the rest of the game folks.

9:07 PM CT: A shot from the field. See how only half of the lights are working? That was, you’ll be surprised to find out, an issue.

Half the lights

9:06 PM CT: Down 31-29 after Colin Kaepernick’s 15-yard TD run, San Francisco goes for two. Incomplete. Ravens still lead by two.

9:05 PM CT: We have a Kaepernicking sighting. Touchdown San Francisco.

9:00 PM CT: FG Ravens and it’s 31-23 Baltimore.

8:55 PM CT:  Here’s what the scene looked like from the AFC sideline looking across at the side of the building that completely lost power…


8:48 PM CT: Highlights…

Jacoby Jones TD return:

Kaepernick to Crabtree TD:

Gore TD run:

8:42 PM CT: San Francisco hits a FG and it’s 28-23 with 3:10 to play in the third.

8:42 PM CT:  Turnover! Ray Rice catches one in the flat, but as he turns to run upfield, he fumbles and the Niners recover.

8:37 PM CT: Well, this is the key pic of the whole thing. Kevin Harlan and Boomer Esiason held down the fort via phone when the power outage knocked out every piece of electrical equipment in our booth.

Harlan by phone

8:36 PM CT: The PAT is good and it’s Baltimore 28 – San Francisco 20.

8:33 PM CT: While I was looking at pictures, it appears San Francisco has scored two touchdowns and the score is now 28-19 pending the PAT. Life lesson: if you’re blogging, you might miss some pretty cool stuff.

8:29 PM CT: Phew. The web is back. Working on getting you some pics from the SB Blackout.

This is craziness. Will get back to you when there’s some power in this dome?

7:33 PM CT: Where do you begin describing that? Jones gets the ball nine yards deep and just runs through and past everyone for a touchdown. 109 yards officially. Baltimore 28 – San Francisco 6. (The alarm is still going off. But who cares?)


7:30 PM CT: Destiny’s Child reunited, Beyonce did her thing and so on. There’s a fire alarm going off near our booth, so we’ve got a nice little buzz throughout the broadcast. Seeing some reps the of New Orleans Fire Department scrambling. But it’s just a false alarm.

7:00 PM CT: Here’s that Joe Flacco to Jacoby Jones TD pass. One word: wow.

6:58 PM CT: HALFTIME! San Francisco hits a field goal as time expires and it’s 21-6 at the break.

6:54 PM CT: San Francisco is driving. 1st and 10 at the 17 with :52 left before Beyonce.

6:50 PM CT: Jacoby Jones gets behind the defense, waits for Joe Flacco’s pass to come down, falls down but goes untouched, so he gets up at the six-yard line, races to his left and finds a way to get into the end zone. An absolutely unbelievable play and a 56-yard touchdown.


6:44 PM CT: Boomer on the 49ers: “Jim Harbaugh will have them revved up for the second half.”

6:42 PM CT: The Niners go three-and-out and they’ll punt it back to the Ravens with 2:19 remaining in the half.

6:41 PM CT: Here’s the Flacco-to-Pitta TD that made it 14-3.

6:38 PM CT: Baltimore is lining up for a field but goes for a fake instead and Justin Tucker is stopped just shy of a first down. The 49ers take over at the 6 with 3:05 to play in the half.

6:30 PM CT: Kaepernick is picked off, a fight breaks out after the play and both teams are assessed a post-play personal foul. After it settles, the Ravens have the ball inside the SF 30.

6:23 PM CT: The turnover turns into seven points as Baltimore drives the length of field and Joe Flacco finds Dennis Pitta in the back of the end zone. Ravens 14, 49ers 3.

6:22 PM CT: Touchdown Ravens!

6:17 PM CT: Kevin Harlan on loving Louisiana: “I’ve got so much gumbo running through my veins I can hardly sit still.”

6:15 PM CT: Fumble! LaMichael James puts it on the turf and the Ravens take over at their own 25. Could be a big moment early in this one.

6:10 PM CT: Back to back Vernon Davis catches take the 49ers from their own 20 to the Ravens’ 40 in a flash.

6:07 PM CT: That’s the end of first quarter. 4th and 19 for Baltimore from the SF 42 when we restart the game shortly.

6:01 PM CT: Here’s the Flacco-to-Boldin TD pass.

5:55 PM CT: San Francisco is driving but a third-down sack by Paul Kruger pushes the 49ers back and they have to settle for a 36-yard David Akers field goal. 3:58 to play in the 1st quarter. Baltimore 7, San Francisco 3.

5:49 PM CT: A Kaepernick-to-Crabtree pass gives the 49ers their first first down of the game.

5:42 PM CT: The 49ers jump offside on 3rd and long, which gives the Ravens another shot. Flacco goes down the middle to Anquan Boldin and just like that it’s 7-0.

5:41 PM CT: WOW. Touchdown Ravens!

5:39 PM CT: And there’s Smith for 20 yards and Baltimore is going no-huddle early. They’re in the red zone at the 19.

5:38 PM CT: Boomer says to keep an eye on Torrey Smith on the long ball today.

5:37 PM CT: It’s a three-and-out for San Francisco. Bad news for the Niners after an illegal formation penalty on 1st down set them back. Good news for football fans? No commercial break after a three-and-out on the game’s first possession. So here comes Flacco and the Ravens from the 49.

5:32 PM CT: Ball through foot and it’s a touch back. The 49ers offense will start from the 20.

5:29 PM CT: Baltimore wins the toss and defers. We’ll be Kaepernicking (SF gets the ball to start the game) in just a matter of moments.

5:28 PM CT: The captains are at midfield for the coin toss…

5:25 PM CT: Probably a few misty eyes around the building as first Jennifer Hudson and the chorus of students from Sandy Hook Elementary School perform “America the Beautiful,” followed by Alicia Keys bringing down the house with the national anthem. Gotta love the roar from the crowd when the big scoreboard showed a shot of some of our men and women in uniform.

5:08 PM CT: Now seems like a good time (20 minutes before the national anthem) to thank the men and women serving in the military who are listening to our broadcast all around the world on the American Forces Radio Network today.

5:04 PM CT: The in-house TV crew just asked for each team’s fans to get loud. This complete amateur’s opinion — Ravens fans were a bit louder. So let’s say it feels like about 60-40 in the favor of the purple and black.

5:00 PM CT: As promised…


4:57 PM CT: The Southern University Marching Band has just hit the field. Panorama coming…

4:55 PM CT: The 49ers have just left the field, about five minutes after the Ravens. The Niners gathered at midfield as their fans exploded in the stands.

4:50 PM CT: The Ravens’ fans in the building nearly drowned out the hip hop on the PA with an impromptu rendition of “Seven Nation Army” as the Ravens huddled in the left end zone.

4:45 PM CT: Teams out in full force on the field now. It’s almost like a normal game. 45 minutes to kickoff and players are in uniform warming up. Who you got? Tweet us using the hashtag #SBonRadio.


4:26 PM CT: Larry Fitzgerald jokingly tells Jim Gray that he’s most looking forward to Beyonce at halftime.

4:15 PM CT: Another panorama…

SB 47 Panorama 2

4:07 PM CT: Did you miss Tim McGraw opening our broadcast earlier today? Listen here.

4:00 PM CT: We are off and rolling with the main game broadcast. Should be a great one.

3:55 PM CT: Just about putting the finishing touches on Super Sunday hosted by Scott Graham.

3:48 PM CT: Speaking of Tim McGraw… He told Scott Graham he’s got rooting interests on both sides. Remember, his “son” is playing for the Ravens — Tim played Michael Oher’s adoptive father Sean Tuohy in “The Blind Side” but he’s also got an uncle who is a huge Niners fan.

3:42 PM CT: Did you know you can use the SoundHound app during our broadcast to access a special interview with Tim McGraw and a chance to win a VIP trip to the ACM Awards in Vegas? Click here for complete details.

3:33 PM CT: Snapped this pic of the *other* Harbaugh, Jim and John’s sister Joani Crean, and her daughter talking a picture on the field a bit ago.

Joanie Crean and daughter

3:30 PM CT: Ray Lewis interview with Rod Woodson and Mark Malone airing now. Lewis: “I’ve always lived to impact people.” Listen to the complete interview HERE.

3:23 PM CT: Lots of red and lots of purple clad people already making their way into the Dome.

49ers fans

3:19 PM CT: Joe Flacco warming up about 15 minutes ago.

Flacco warms up

3:17 PM CT: Just back from downstairs. Our James Lofton mentioned on air there are more media people on the field than players. He’s definitely not wrong. Though there’s one less media person now.

2:28 PM CT: Heading down to the field to snap a few photos. Still not a ton of activity on the field. Players should come out for initial warmups in the next 30-45 minutes.

2:19 PM CT: I eat a pesto chicken sandwich approximately once per year. It seems it’s always on the first Sunday in February.

Pesto Chicken2:14 PM CT: A panorama of the field from our broadcast position. It’s going to get slightly more crowded in here very soon.

Superdome Panorama

2:00 PM CT: We are off and rolling with Super Bowl Preview. Last week at this time, we were getting ready for the Pro Bowl. Today it’s the Bro Bowl. Tweet at us on @dialglobalsport and use the hash tag #SBonRadio.

2:00 PM CT: Welcome to our Super Bowl XLVII live blog, coming to you from the auxiliary broadcast booths at the Superdome. I’ll be posting pictures, highlights, comments from our broadcast and comments from YOU on Twitter, keeping you updated as we bring the #SBonRadio to listeners all over the country and around the world on Westwood One Sports.

The dome was looking great as we made our way in this morning.

The dome was looking great as we made our way in this morning.

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