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Bill Frieder on the Final Four

01 April 2015
I’ll start this week’s blog with the same words as last week’s: that was fun. The Midwest Regional in Cleveland gave us one good game, one epic blowout and one that bordered on an all-time classic – and…
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Bill Frieder on the Spartans, Bruins, Irish and more

24 March 2015
Well, that was fun. We had quite the time in Louisville on Thursday, with three one-point games back-to-back-to-back – until Kentucky got involved and stopped the streak. Saturday didn’t have the same late drama, but it was still a ton of fun with my man John Sadak. Now it’s off to Cleveland… What…
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MVC Championship Highlights: Northern Iowa 69 – Illinois State 60

08 March 2015
ST. LOUIS, MO – Northern Illinois roared back from a 14-point halftime deficit to defeat Illinois State and capture the Missouri Valley Conference tournament championship. Seth Tuttle and Nate Buss led the way with 15 points apiece and Jeremy Morgan hit three key three-pointers after the break to get the…
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Bill Frieder on Kentucky, the MVC, BYU and more

05 March 2015
Big congratulations to Kentucky. Big Blue now only needs to beat Florida to finish 31-0. It wasn’t easy, as the 72-64 score Tuesday night was a lot closer than it looked in Athens. Kentucky outscored Georgia 25-8 in the final nine minutes including a 14-0 run. I am on record…
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