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Interview: Villanova’s Jay Wright on making it to the Sweet 16

24 March 2016 Comments are off for this post.
LOUISVILLE, KY – For the first time since making it all the way to the Final Four back in 2009, the Villanova Wildcats have advanced to the second weekend of the NCAA Tournament on the backs of blowout wins against UNC-Asheville and Iowa last weekend in Brooklyn. Next up for the…
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Bill Frieder dishes on the Sweet 16

22 March 2016 Comments are off for this post.
What a weekend! The bottom line is teams 20 through 70 are all the same, it just depends on who is playing where and who is hot and who is not. Had the NCAA put St. Mary’s, San Diego State or Monmouth in the field and left out Tulsa, Vanderbilt…
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