Tony’s Take: Postgame Handshakes


The Jim Harbaugh-Jim Schwartz scuffle has gotten all kinds of coverage this week, with different opinions of who was at fault, should they be fined, etc. I’ve got a blog, so I might as well weigh in with an opinion too.

My first thought was, “Let them go at it!” I think it would be great theater to watch coaches tangle at the end of each game. The coach who wins the fight would receive an extra three points for his team. Imagine how exciting it would be after a close Jets-Patriots game that was decided by less than a field goal. “And that’s the final whistle. Belichick and Ryan will meet at midfield to decide this game!”

Obviously I’m being facetious, no one comes to a football game to see the coaches square off. Not only that, it probably isn’t exactly the best example of sportsmanship. Without a doubt, both coaches need to show the same self-control they would preach to their players. Watching the replay of the situation, I see two guys that are intensely competitive let the moment get the best of them.

Listen, while I don’t condone their behavior, I am not going to sit here tell you that I think it is the end of the world either. Heck, as player, I probably wouldn’t have minded playing for a guy who literally is willing to fight along with us every Sunday. So I guess where I stand is the following: both were at fault, it’s probably not that big of a deal and I’m glad the NFL didn’t fine either coach.

– Tony Boselli


Tony Boselli is an analyst for Westwood One’s coverage of the NFL. Howard David and Tony will be on hand Sunday to call all the on-field action (and any extra-curriculars) from Ford Field as “Hacksaw” Jim Schwartz’s Detroit Lions face off against Mike “The Maniac” Smith’s Atlanta Falcons. Coverage begins at 12:30 PM Eastern.


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